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The HKFYG Hong Kong Melody Makers
The HKFYG Hong Kong Melody Makers is a youth choir established in 2004 by The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups with sponsorship from The Dragon Foundation. Its aims are to reflect Hong Kong's vivacity and give voice to the city's cosmopolitan spirit. Choir members are dynamic young people with outstanding artistic talent who are guided by Mr. Patrick Chiu, the group's Artistic Director. Their shared passion for music can benefit the entire community and enrich Hong Kong's cultural life by promoting choral and a cappella music.
Hong Kong Youth Dance
Hong Kong Youth Dance (HKYD), a dance troupe for youthbases on modern dance, hip hop and jazz funk, was founded in 2008. With the vitality and confidence of the youth, HKYD represents Hong Kong as a flexible and energetic city through their graceful moves, vigor and diversity in dance. HKYD dancers bring dance as an art culture to the community and promote dance to various social stratums with their enthusiasm. 
Hong Kong Youth Band
By organizing the Youth Band Sound Competition in 2011, the Hong Kong Youth Band (HKYB) was formed. The first HKYB “Pendular” is a versatile group. Their lyrics portray the vividness of city life. The second HKYB “Rain in Time” explores existentialism and the value of life with the use of poetic lyrics. “Every song is a unique story” is their goal and mission.

Hong Kong Youth Theatre
Hong Kong Youth Theatre (HKYT) was formed in May 2012 and is recognized to be youth directive and socially involved via the performance of art. With their youthful vigor and potential talent in drama, drama becomes a positive force. Creativity in performing art is what our society focuses on. Most performances reflect the growth of youth, society, democracy and current issues. Our society also provides opportunity to nurture the youth to be an all rounded professional in drama, music and dancing by various public drama performance.


Hong Kong Youth Percussion

Hong Kong Youth Percussion was formed in January 2013 with the youth rhythmic percussion power to represent Hong Kong as an energetic city. The group plays contemporary percussion as well as, making their own percussion instruments from the daily life utilities, such as plastic bottles, buckets and cans etc. for performances. HKYP develops a creative musical genre and building up the music percussion art for youth in Hong Kong.



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